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Quality infrastructure, supported by a good education system combine to create an enabling environment and the very backbone of the nation's future growth and development.


The right and proper school infrastructure opens up a whole new world of learning, while an educated population in an emerging economy greatly benefits the country and society. South Africa faces challenges in the delivery of sound education and - in many instances - critical problems regarding school infrastructure. Quality education gives effect to reduced poverty and inequalities, while assisting in improving personal health and the country's overall socio-economic well-being.


VNA regards suitable infrastructure as the means to enabling schools to educate, thus generating, applying and broadening the country's knowledge-base. Whilst a building cannot wholly conquer the impediments that many learners bring to school, where infrastructural facilities are improved, learning outcomes are sure to be enhanced. For schools to successfully educate tomorrow's leaders and captains of industry, we believe infrastructure should be reachable, robust, functional, safe, hygienic and effortlessly maintained.


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