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VNA on Project Management

The long-term success of projects in the built environment hinge on the effective planning of procurement, contracting and management processes, as well as the employment of skilled and experienced staff to effectively and efficiently manage

project execution.


By developing sound working relationships and partnering with our clients, our team of experts - capacitated with the requisite skills and expertise - is able to identify market characteristics and to then apply innovative methodologies, giving effect to the development and execution of the most appropriate project solutions.


VNA on Construction Management

Construction management is a critical facet of project execution.


Our company's construction management offering adopts a two-pronged approach. VNA has the competency and capacity to serve either as a construction consultant, responsible for providing both design and construction advice in line with a client's construction contract, or to fulfil the role of traditional contractor, accountable for contractor/sub-contractor appointments in various disciplines in terms of the execution of the respective trade operations for the duration of the project.


VNA on Cost Administration

Cost administration on any construction project is regarded as a business imperative.


VNA brings to this critical function a proven methodology and approach, giving effect to effective cost management and ensuring projects are completed within budget. The administrative aspect is offset by personalised client service, the generation of financially viable plans and a clear-cut focus on excellence at every level.


VNA on Building Environment Consulting

Partnerships with our clients give rise to high levels of creative co-operation.


This, in turn, results in our team's provision to clients of consultancy advice and assistance in the interest of informed and optimal decision-making. Our most common forms of consultancy advice and assistance include, but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Master Planning;
  • Empowerment Management;
  • Financial Analyses;
  • Time Planning and Management;
  • Tender Invitations and Contracting;
  • Technical Due Diligence Assessments;
  • Quality Assurance; and
  • Performance Assessment and Monitoring.


VNA on Engineering Support and Solutions

Identifying infrastructure and design problems and then making improvements is a critical aspect of our partnership

with clients.


VNA's team of specialists are highly skilled in determining, understanding and interpreting design constraints and in advising viable solutions to ensure the production of a successful project. Our company has the internal capacity to offer clients a full spectrum of civil and structural services, from design and supply through to installation within the previously detailed sectors in which we operate (Refer: What We Do, We Do Best). 


VNA on Turn-key Professional Services

Projects in which individual disciplines are isolated often suffer from inefficiencies, poor communication and a lack of



VNA has developed innovative methods and processes to best direct projects from inception through to completion. We apply such methods, together with our considerable industry experience to systematically identify our clients' most important requirements. This is followed by the roll-out of comprehensive programmes designed to effectively manage the communication and

co-ordination functions in the fast-paced and high-demand environments associated with the industry.


VNA on Road Infrastructure

VNA is widely regarded as a leading consultant in the development of road infrastructure, from dual-lane carriageways to feeder and access roads, paved or unpaved.


We have the expertise to manage the entire process, from project feasibility and construction, to the development of rehabilitation, pavement management and maintenance. Our strength lies in our ability to constantly adapt to the changing demands in existing markets and how to best serve emerging markets.


We combine the tried-and-tested with emerging new trends to continuously re-invent the way we do business in building ever-better road infrastructure.


VNA on Bridge Infrastructure

VNA boasts extensive experience and is known for its ability to assess, conceptualise and detail the planning, construction and engineering management - using computer-aided techniques - for a range of bridge infrastructure development.


Our competence extends to steel, composite, re-inforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete bridges, as well as cable-stayed bridges, attendant retaining walls and other structures associated with transport projects.


Our company also specialises is assessing existing bridges, reviewing structural design life and in undertaking bridge rehabilitation and maintenance projects, together with design management.


VNA on Specialised Pavement Consulting

Using our own highly sophisticated in-house equipment, VNA has the essential expertise and experience to undertake full-scale pavement management consultancy services.


We employ the latest technology, together with Visual Condition Assessments, FWD Analyses, Road Profiles (IRI), Rut Measurements, Texture Analysis and Dereferenced Imaging to prepare and produce concise and highly accurate data for incorporation into an integrated pavement management software tool. This affords us the advantage of ensuring a single point of contact and minimising down-time with regard to data collection.


Our integration of all the available tools with appropriate software ensures the rapid and accurate identification of uniform distress and, accordingly, the ability to accurately prioritise maintenance and rehabilitation needs on behalf of clients.


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