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10 Kyalami Road, Park 2000, Suite 1, Westmead


Pinetown, 3610, KwaZulu-Natal


South Africa



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 About Us


Our vision is to realise continental potential, ensuring the built environment transformation of South Africa and the continent, while enhancing the lives of inhabitants.



Our mission is to drive sustainable infrastructural development throughout South Africa and into Africa, creating a better life

for all. 



VNA's values form the very foundation of our existence... our commitment to clients, the development of stakeholder relationships and our contribution to communities and their development.


Our focus is clear; it is to add value to our clients and to ensure the effective, efficient and timely delivery of project management and built environment business solutions in a cost-effective manner. At VNA we believe in:

  • The value of our people;

  • Leadership as a company and as individuals;

  • Integrity above all;

  • Delivery without compromise; and

  • Being committed in heart and mind.


Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

VNA's Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct defines the expectations of the company and sets out the ideals to which VNA aspires, together with the mandatory behaviours to which we expect our members of staff to adhere in their day-to-day business activities, as representatives of VNA.


Our code serves to instil in individual members of staff the need for us to:

  • Become better practitioners;

  • Establish an organisation-wide understanding of appropriate behaviour and the comprehension and belief that the credibility and reputation of VNA is shaped by the collective conduct of employees;

  • Believe in the fact that we are able to advance our company, both individually and collectively, by embracing our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct; and

  • Make wise decisions, particularly when faced with difficult situations in which we may be called upon to compromise our integrity or values.


The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is founded on four primary values, inclusive of:



  • Taking ownership of the decisions we make or fail to make, the actions we implement or fail to implement and the resultant consequences;



  • Displaying high regard for ourselves, others and all the resources entrusted to us, thus creating an environment of trust, confidence and performance excellence;



  • Acting and making decisions impartially and objectively, while performing necessary duties free of competing self-interest, prejudice and favouritism;



  • Understanding the truth and always behaving in a truthful manner in both our overall conduct and communications.