From construction project management, construction management, engineering and specialised pavement services, to infrastructure development and cost administration services, our vision is to realise continental potential, ensuring the built environment transformation of South Africa and the continent, while enhancing the lives of inhabitants.


VNA... Connecting African Communities, Realising Continental Potential

Looking for a leading specialist

in the built environment?

... Look no further than VNA.

Welcome to VNA, a multi-disciplinary professional services consultancy

at the leading edge of South African - and Africa's - built environment

service delivery. 








Click here to view the VNA Corporate and Asset Management videos.

VNA has developed innovative methods and processes to best direct projects from inception through to completion. 

VNA is widely regarded as a leading consultant in the development of road infrastructure, from dual-lane carriageways to feeder and access roads, paved or unpaved.

Tel: +27 31 700 2500

Fax: +27 31 940 4243

10 Kyalami Road, Park 2000, Suite 1, Westmead


Pinetown, 3610, KwaZulu-Natal


South Africa



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